Why I Love Daisies

I kinda have a thing for daisies.  They show up in my art and my pendants.  But why daisies you may wonder…such a simple little flower.  It all stems back…pardon my pun…to my first love.  His name was Derek and I loved him with all my heart.  He and I connected…he was romantic, and he gave me my very first flower.  We were walking along the beach in Newport, it was a really windy day in April and he stopped and picked a daisy from the iceplant and gave it to me.  I held on tight to that little white flower so it wouldn’t blow away, and on the drive home I twirled it between my fingers and felt so happy.  That little daisy made it’s home in my scrapbook and I held onto it for years.  I lost my first love in a car accident when he was only 23.  I was broken for many years after that but I still had my daisy.  Daisies bring me back to that windy day and it makes me happy, and smile…so now you know.


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