My Obsession With 11:11


It all began when I was a teenage Smashgirl when I first heard of the magical time.  My BFF would shout it out and say, “11:11 Make a Wish”!  It was from that time on that I would seem to catch it while glancing at the clock on occasion and secretly make my wish.  My belief in 11:11 is strong…because I do believe that if you put your wish out there it will come true.  I’ve converted many people over the years, I do not go door-to-door passing out pamplets!

It was only natural that it would carry itself over into my art.  This was my first 11:11 piece which is very special because the old watch used to be the very watch I would make my wishes on back in high school.  Magical…and very, very special indeed.  The story that follows will make you a believer…or at least warm your heart.

I listed this in my Etsy shop and then one day it sold.  I shipped it off to New York and then I received this…

Hi Smashgirl
Just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for creating the 11:11 New York piece and fate for bringing it to me at the most perfect time.
I  came across your Etsy page, where I fell in love with your 11:11 piece. I pinned it on Pinterest, and showed my friends and boyfriend, claiming how it was so perfect and I had to have it. 11:11 has always been a big thing of mine since high school and everyone who knows me, knows me for it.
I live on Long Island, so it’s been a really shitty week between the hurricane, damage, 5 hour gas lines, being on day 9 of no power, and of course dealing with political drama. After a long day at work yesterday, my boyfriend surprised me with it! I can’t tell you how happy I was and your note was so cute and perfect. Needless to say, we had a GREAT 11:11 kiss, as per your suggestion and I made my best 11:11 wish ever.
I swear I’m not usually this corny or share long stories with people I don’t know, just thought you’d like to know you made a strangers day a lot better  from 3,000 miles away : )

I was moved to tears from her letter.  I create my art to bring happiness so these were tears of joy that I was able to be a part of this 11:11 love story 🙂

Believe…and wish big!


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