The Pier

San Clemente, California

The ocean is a part of me, I’ve lived near it most of my life and never take it for granted. This is the view on my morning runs…the smell of the sea…dolphins dancing in the distance…the pigeons of the pier. California surfer boys riding the waves… catching a few before school or work.

photo (106)

The sea calms me and brings peace…but at the same time it fills me with energy. It’s everchanging…as an artist I thrill at the different shades of the waters. From aquamarine to dark gray and every shade in-between depending upon the weather.

photo (109)

Flat like a lake and shimmering like diamonds…powerful with waves breaking and reaching up through the boards.

photo (108)

My favorite pelican friend waiting at the end of the pier for me.

Watching sunsets and sunrises …holding hands…romance and passionate kisses at the end of the pier.

Fisherman…the homeless…tourists…energetic kids…lovers…friends…I share this pier with. I look through the cracks of the weathered wood planks and the sea foams…a piece of kelp floats past while I thud-thud along above the length of the pier.


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