Sweeter Than A Pillowcase Full Of Halloween Candy


Success is sweet…and even sweeter when someone thinks you can’t succeed and you prove them wrong.  The  haters…the non-believers…the bullies and meanie weenies can all take a big flying leap out of your life. You don’t need them. Let them wallow in their pile of insults while you skip through your field of dreams with the daisies and butterflies. When you reach your goals you might want to send them a little thank you card with a mini snickers bar attached…

Dear (fill-in-the-blank),

Thank you for calling me a loser and an idiot, it made me realize that I really didn’t need you in my life…in fact you were the one holding me back from my dreams.  You crushed my spirit and said I was wasting my time doing something that brought me happiness.  Here’s a little Snickers bar…appropriate for all the times you snickered at me and my stupid ideas. Enjoy.

This is the latest in my “Heart Art” series. I’ll be finishing it up today and it will be available soon in my Etsy shop.


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