All Good Things Happen When You Believe


Believing is a positive state of mind that is that start of dreams in life.  It isn’t always an easy thing to do, especially if others are knocking you down.  I call these people in life “sinkers”…they do their best to bring you down…drown your dreams.  It’s like swimming in the ocean where you can’t touch bottom and you see that island in the distance.  It’s beautiful…a mini paradise where you know you’d be happy if you could reach it.  You’re not the strongest swimmer and there are currents that may take you off your path but you believe that if you try your best you’ll make it there.

As you’re swimming towards your island of dreams you feel arms around your neck and are suddenly thrust under the water gasping for breath.  You’re slowly sinking deeper…you’re being taken down by a “sinker” who doesn’t want you to reach your island.  It’s easy to give up at this point…but you can still see the light above you so you fight off the arms around your neck and swim towards the sky.

When you reach the surface you gasp for breath and start to swim once again towards your island, but now it’s nearly impossible because your strength is gone from the fight.  But you still believe…so you press on, gliding on your back to rest but never giving up.  Suddenly you’re startled by the appearance of a raft in the distance…it’s coming towards you and onboard are people who encourage you to swim towards them…they believe in you so you do it.  They pull you into their raft and turn around towards your island.

These are the “savers”…they are the friends that help you, believe in you and want you to reach your island and be happy.  Surround yourself with “savers” and let the “sinkers” go out of your life…and always believe.


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