The Blow-Dryer That Died And Came Back As Art

Saved from the landfill

Saved from the landfill

When things break in your house a normal person would toss it into the trash and not give it another thought…not me.  Does that make me abnormal??? I suppose in this case it does in regards to what gets thrown out at my house.  As an eco-conscious girl I imagine the landfill cluttered with hundreds of broken things like blow-dryers.  I feel good that there is one less in mine.

I hope this finds it’s way into a hair salon one day and sits upon the shelf with the bottles of shampoo and hairspray.  It is art with a message behind it, and I hope as the clients grab their plastic bottle of miracle conditioner that they’ll be reminded of the importance of keeping things out of the landfill.  Perhaps recycling that bottle when they’re done if they don’t already or better yet, reusing it by purchasing larger sizes of their favorite product and refilling it.  Maybe they’ll do one step better and repurpose that container for something else…this is the reason I created this piece of art.  If you get a chuckle from my quirky sense of humor then I’m good with that too 🙂

What’s next??? My friend’s iron died…stay tuned.


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