Sentimental Girl, Gullible Girl…Call Me What You Want But My Name Is Smashgirl


I’ve always been a really sentimental kinda girl my whole life.  I was the one who had boxes of mementos from old boyfriends with the dates written on them.  I would hold onto these things long after a breakup and pull them out once in awhile.  Instead of reminding me of good times they would bring back the heartache and the tears.  I don’t know why I would do that to myself.

Last year I had my first boyfriend since my divorce.  I was in love, he was romantic and equally sentimental and I saved every little thing he ever gave me during our relationship.  It was my first time trusting someone with my heart, and I trusted him completely.  Our breakup was the result of his lies and cheating…just like my marriage.  He had once called me Gullible Girl and now I look back and wonder if I was.


To me the love felt real but I question that now too.  I recently saw the movie American Hustle and really connected with the character Sydney played by Amy Adams.  Was I being conned by a con man into believing he really loved me?

After our breakup I gathered every thing he ever gave me or that reminded me of him and packed it up and tucked it away.  That was over six months ago and I decided yesterday on New Year’s Eve that it was time to deal with it.  I could’ve just dumped it all in the trash like most women would, or donate things to The Goodwill but I had a better idea.


I try to turn any negative in my life into a positive so I wrote an anonymous note, photocopied a bunch and took the suitcase full of sentimental crap for a ride.  I picked up my friends and they were my accomplices.  I visited random park benches and public areas during our shopping/lunch outing and gifted my gifts from my ex-boyfriend. Pay it forward.


Sometimes we were still there when people strolled by to stop and read the letter.  We revisited some of our places and the gifts were gone but the note was still there.  It was a really great feeling to dump this baggage and brighten someone’s day at the same time.


While at lunch at Lucille’s BBQ in Lake Forest, we left these outside by the front entrance and grabbed a table inside with a view.  We ate lunch and watched people look as they passed by, but they didn’t take anything.  The girls that worked there went out and grabbed everything and brought it in…we thought they were throwing it away but they studied it…read the letter, read the fortunes inside the piggy bank, and showed their coworkers.  They were intrigued and it was fun to watch since they had no idea it was me that left it.

When leaving Lucille’s, we chuckled as we saw the piggy bank placed on their counter, now a part of their decor.

Pigs were “our thing”…I’m looking forward to a fresh new “pig-less” year full of  fun, adventure and who knows???

Life is what you make it.


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