12:16AM Thoughts

a tim gunn

Reaction and self-control. Things I’ve really had to work on lately as I was getting tested…more like pestered by a certain someone.  I’m a even-tempered girl for the most part and it’s rare to see me mad, and when I get to that point is where the self-control comes into play.

When someone knows you so well and knows which buttons to push to get you to that point it’s challenging not to react. Trust me I was ready to spew off an ugly email but instead I grabbed my dog and took a walk.  I told myself to breathe and yelled profanities to nobody in particular…well maybe the dog heard but she forgave me.

I took a hot shower and let out some steam that mixed with the steam hoping this would diffuse what I was feeling…it seemed to help bring me to a rational state of mind.  What to do to deal with this situation???

I was about to jump down to that Low Road and give a peace of my mind but I gathered myself and hoofed it up that high road instead.  It is never the easy way to go especially when you’re angry but after the moment passes you’ll have no regrets of things you might of said.  My mother taught me how to let things go and I will forever be grateful for that.

Breathe…release…let go,

Smash things 🙂


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