1:12AM Thoughts…His Cheating Heart

I don't have trust issues I just pick men that shouldn't be trusted.

I don’t have trust issues I just pick men that shouldn’t be trusted.

Cheaters. Yep, I’ve known a few too many. Ironically I’m one of the most loyal people on earth, never cheated in my life on a test, a boyfriend or husband…loyalty is one of the most important things to me.  So how do I end up with the cheaters??? I wish I knew. It’s a painful thing to experience when you find out the one you love has been with someone else. Like a stab in the heart…bullet to the brain. You start questioning yourself.

Am I a complete idiot?? Only a fool would trust someone who wrote a song about cheating right? Ahhhhhhh…I could beat myself up all night about this subject, but I won’t.

What really is eating at me is watching my cheating exes with their new girlfriends.  I was one of those girls, so trusting and in love. Believing every word they said without any doubts. Pronouncing my loyalty to the one I loved that I was certain was 100% loyal to me.  My dilemma is this…do I warn these girls about the men they believe are faithful to them??? Or do I just sit back and let karma play out?

Realistically, if an ex-girlfriend had approached me I wouldn’t have believed her.  I would’ve thought she was just jealous and vindictive, trying to get him back.

So I will not warn these girls of the undeniable outcome of their relationships.  They’re blinded in love.

One thing I have learned is once a cheater, always a cheater. A tiger doesn’t change his stripes.


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