Daily Prompt: Young At Heart…I’m late as usual

ImageSuch a fitting post for me to write about in so many ways.  First off I’m always late. I was due on March 17th St. Patrick’s Day 1966 and I disappointed my half-Irish Mother by being born a day late.  I never heard the end of it throughout my life.  I might as well have been born on St. Patty’s because even though my birth certificate says March 18th…every single childhood party was a sea of shamrocks and green.  

I am not complaining in the least because if you’re going to be born near a holiday, then St. Patrick’s Day is the best one! When I was turning 21 I was standing at the door of an Irish Bar and as soon as it turned midnight I was let into welcome my legal drinking years with green beer and an instant party full of fun! 

That was the last time I had celebrated my birthday that way until this year came along. Time to do it again! So out I went in my Irish Princess tiara and with the help of a band I welcomed in 48 with a bar full of drunk party people! 

So back to this prompt.  How do I stay young at heart??? I don’t take life too seriously. I splash in mud puddles. I stomp through leaf piles.  I look for cloud animals.  I swing on the swingset.  

I still do all the things that brought me joy as a child.  

And I’ll never grow up…life is more fun when you’re skipping hand in hand 🙂


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