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I’m so excited to be asked back as an Alumni Visual Artist at the upcoming Orange County RAW Artists Showcase! RAW is an amazing thing created by Heidi Luerra that gives little Indie Artists like me a venue to showcase and be seen in the local community. I had my very first showcase night two years ago this month, so I like to think of this one as my RAWniversary so to speak!

RAW has lead me to so many wonderful things and people in my life as an artist. Β It’s given me confidence to pursue my passion, support from other local artists and many new friends including my Indie Exhibit group which are like family…and maybe a couple of boyfriends, haha!

RAW understands that most artists are struggling to make any profit so instead they ask that we sell tickets to our friends and family to support us. It’s a great way to spend an evening because not only are you supporting me, you also are supporting many other artists, musicians, fashion designers, performance artists, photographers, and hair and makeup artists.

When you put that many creative souls plus 500-600 guests into one space the energy alone will give you a high!

I hope you can make it out to come see me and my art and jewelry in person and have a few drinks and enjoy the other indies too πŸ™‚

I am selling pre-sale tickets for $15 ($20 at the door) up until tonight and you can purchase them here


After Sunday the 6th I may have a few available at the $15 price and can add you to my guest list. Email me at smashgirl84@gmail.com

1111 Pendant by Smashgirl

Also if you purchase a ticket from me you will automatically be entered into my drawing to win a free custom art pendant that I will design just for you πŸ™‚ (You can purchase a ticket and still be entered even if you don’t attend)

Thanks so much for all your support!







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