About A Boy Named Benjamin

You may know him as Marcus from NBC’s About A Boy


but to me he’s Benjamin. I first met Benjamin Stockham last year at The Teen Choice Awards Gift Lounge in Hollywood.  I was at my first IndiExhibit event and was being trained by CEO Shannon Justice to rep the table for our group of artisians.  I had joined The IndiExhibit to help my career as a struggling Indie artist to gain some exposure and confidence as an artist.  Having a celebrity choose your creations from a table is such a great feeling.  Most artists are very self-critical so this was a great way to see if your things are liked.  My ultimate dream was to have one of my pendants worn by a celebrity to a carpet event.

Benjamin and Stephen TCA

teen choice benjamin and stephen

Benjamin was at the Teen Choice Event  with his Mom, who’s equally adorable, and he happened to be at our table while Stephen Glickman was there.  We had so much fun watching these two interact and play with our clown mascot Ralph! Benjamin’s Mom showed us his art…which is amazing! When he left we all talked about how sweet and talented he was…literally we were gushing over this little actor.  He was funny, and genuinely nice and down-to-earth…and yes as artists we were very impressed at his skills at such a young age!

I started following Benjamin on Twitter and tweeting after we met and then he showed up at our IndiExhibit table last year at The AMA”s Gift Lounge in LA.  I teased him about having a girlfriend, because seriously he looks like he’s about 10 years old.  That’s when he told me he was 13!  He chose some things from our table and that’s when he picked my pendant. This was the first mosaic pendant I had designed from guitar picks and I had brought it as a sort of trial to see if it got, pardon the pun…picked. I was so excited for him to have it just because I adore him!Image

I thanked him on Twitter and he tweeted back that he would wear it at his next carpet event! It was so exciting for me to hear this but I had no idea the surprises Benjamin had in store for me!




So here’s the pic Benjamin tweeted to me as he was heading to his carpet event. This wasn’t just some movie premiere or fundraiser, it happened to be THE Press event for NBC’s About A Boy which was getting ready to premiere on primetime TV! The TCA or The Television Critics Association was having their Winter Press Tour and Benjamin was wearing my Smashgirl pendant!


All of the official photos for the show included not only Benjamin but the cast of About A Boy…and his Mom is played by one of my faves Minni Driver! I freaked out…I cried…I basically screamed out loud, I’m sure my neighbors heard me!!! Benjamin made my day!!!

That was just the start of the surprises he had in store for me.

He went on The Home & Family Show on The Hallmark Channel and wore my pendant AGAIN during his interview with host Cristina Ferrare! I was literally pinching myself as I watched the show! It’s a very surreal feeling to see something that you designed and created on television, and it didn’t stop there…Benjamin surprised me again! 


Did he just say Katie??? As in Katie Couric??? OMG! I was now getting marks on my arms from all the pinching I was doing…seriously I was again shocked, surprised, thrilled, happy, jumping up and down, screaming…I know my neigbhors must be getting used to it…my pendant was going to be on National TV again thanks to Benjamin! He really is an amazing kid and I’m not the only one who thinks so, besides his mother obviously. She should be so proud to have raised a son who’s very humble and well  grounded.  Every person that meets him thinks the same 🙂


Benjamin didn’t stop there…my little pendant that I made was going to be worn by someone else.  While wearing it to the set one day it got noticed and Benjamin’s Mom told me that Benjamin’s character Marcus on About A Boy would be wearing it in an episode! OMG again! Freak out, cry, yell and scream…sorry neighbors 🙂 PINCH MYSELF!!!! I barely have words for how I feel.  The episode which happens to be episode 11 ( my fave number) airs tonight! I am so grateful to Benjamin, his Mom, The IndiExhibit and Shannon Justice, and NBC for including my little pendant on tonight’s episode.



Here’s a sneak peek at the scene where Marcus is wearing his Smashgirl pendant, the show airs tonight on NBC at 9pm.  Being a single mom I had to cut some expenses so I don’t have cable TV so thankfully I can watch all the episodes of About A Boy online on NBC! Yay!

I am currently designing and making more of these guitar pick pendants in fun colors and will have them up in my Etsy shop soon. Custom orders are always welcome! Visit http://www.smashgirl.etsy.com










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