From Suburban Girl to Urban Girl

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I’ve lived most of my life in Suburbia, the past 40 years plus a few months.  I even once drove a Suburban loaded with my kids, the dog, the ex and sports equipment.  I was your typical South Orange County Mom.  My weekends were consumed with shuttling  my kids to games…baseball, soccer, football, basketball. I was the Team Mom, the PTA chairperson, the classroom volunteer. Our parks were pristine, our beaches breathtakingly beautiful, our house was a charming beach cottage a quarter-mile from the ocean.

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Now I sit in my urban loft in downtown Phoenix while I write this post, I would’ve never guessed in a thousand years that this is where I’d be when I was 50.  I thought I’d be an empty nester with my husband, enjoying the time together again once the kids were gone.  Funny how life throws a curve ball.

My journey to this spot has been filled with many ups and downs and lots of time finding out who I was and what direction I was going.  I spent many months trying to figure out my next step in life. I’ve always loved the energy of a city. A city has noise and drama and the sidewalks don’t roll up at 9 o’clock like in Orange County.  Cities come alive at night.  That was very attractive to me.  Might be something to do with being an artist and I come alive creatively at night. I used to shut all my blinds in OC, now I leave them open to enjoy the view.


I’ve spent the last year visiting different cities to see which one fit me the best.  Austin, Portland, Seattle…but I chose Phoenix for a few reasons. One was the weather.  Typically with the exception of Summer it mimics So Cal.  It’s hotter than hell for three months but it’s a dry heat most of the time except for August, monsoon season.  The main reason I chose Phoenix is family.  My Dad and my brother and his family both left So Cal over 20 years ago.  To be close to them again and see them more than twice a year was the gold in the pocket. I was able to spend Father’s Day with my Dad…the first time in over 20 years!

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I’ve been here two months now and traveled back to OC three times. My friends are only a 6 hour drive away which made moving here a lot easier. I already feel like I’m coming home as I head East back to The Grand Canyon state on I-10.  Never say never. I used to say I would never move to Phoenix, ha!









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